Ogre Empire: New BetSoft Slots3 and ToGo Slot

Get to grips with Ogre Empire Bitcoin slot play with wilds symbols galore, a night mode, and a day mode!

BetSofthas continued its aggressive rollout of Bitcoin Slots3 and ToGo desktop and mobile slots with a theme and interactive gameplay that lives up to BetSoft’s reputation for being arguably the best Bitcoin slots developer online today.

Orge Empire invites slots players to get engrossed in a magically enchanted world that is very similar to the popular Hollywood animation film Shrek!

King and Queens, Jokers and an Ogre are the stars of this epic 3D animated slot set in a fantasy kingdom that is facing a bit problem. You will be joining the townspeople at night and the ogre during the day to bring in high value wins.

Day Mode and Night Mode

This is actually an odd story of a nocturnal town where the town’s people sleep in the day and are awake at night; while the Ogre lives a relatively normal life by roaming the town in the daytime and slipping off for a good night’s rest when the sun goes down.

Adding multiple modes follows the success of the Good Girl Bad Girl Betsoft slot’s feature that allows players to choose from high to low-velocity gameplay via choosing sides, Betsoft’s brand new featured Ogre Empire Bitcoin slot has followed suit creating another online slot that switches modes – in the case of the brand new Ogre Empire slot, this is day mode and night mode.

Players will be able to choose which mode to enter the slot in when they fire it up, but ultimately the mode being played is decided by the slot itself. During day mode there is a moon on reel 3, the middle reel, and each time it appears it will add to a counter. When 3 moons are present, the slot will switch to night mode. The same applies vice versa during night mode, except the symbol on the center reel is the sun representing daytime.

Features will differ depending on night or day. During the day the Ogre will help you win extra rewards from the reels as he smashed stone symbols to improve your chances of winning.

Night Mode Symbols

At night, you will be acquainted with the townspeople. When the slotswitches to this mode you will be playing a high-velocity slots gameThe Royal King, and Queen symbols, which are the highest paying symbols, will only be available at night, and they are joined by the joker. Also at night, the joker will emerge. The joker is posied behind symbols, and if the joker is on one of the symbols in a combination, then the win will be multiplied by x2 which is effectively a multiplier bonus symbol.

Day Mode Symbols

In the daytime, the highest paying symbols are the crystal diamond gem, the Ogre, and the plate of precious colored stones in that order. These symbols are also available during night mode, but they are overshadowed in terms of value thanks to the Royal symbols.

Note that at random intervals during the game the Ogre at random smashes the side of the slot making symbols crash off the reels and deliver new symbols that could reveal new symbol combination wins. There is also another situation where the Ogre smashes the side of the reels turning the symbols into wild symbols.

The Wildflower Blossom Symbol

This symbol is the wild and helps players bank even more wins. At night time, when the Wildflower symbol lands on the reels, the magic flower will grow vertically over the symbol positions giving players wild reels, which can sometimes turn 1, 2 or 3 reels full of wild symbols.

During day mode, when the Wildflower blossom lands, the Ogre will smash the side of the slot with his club and random positions on the reels turn into wild symbols horizontally thus giving players more wilds across the reels so players have the chance to link up more symbol combinations.

High Velocity Versus Low Velocity

The reason this slot is a high-velocity slot at night is that there are more symbols on the reels. With the day mode givingfewer symbols to get in the way of each other, players pull in more frequent wins, but the symbol combination pay-out values are less giving players more wins more often during the day.

Gamble Feature

There is also a double up feature on the slot. After every win, players can choose to risk their winnings in a double up game. Just choose whether you want to bet 50% or 100% of your win, then choose heads or tails. Your win will be doubled if you choose correctly. After each win, you can continue to gamble your new winnings if you choose.

Graphics and Animations

As you would expect from any Betsoft xo slot, the game functionality on both desktop and mobile are picture perfect. Smooth animations on and off the reels bring the Ogre and the entire slot to life; especially, when the Ogre smashed symbols off the reels to give players multiple wins.

Will This Slot Be Popular?

Any new BetSoft bitcoin slot is always going attract a fair share of attention simply because it is Betsoft. However, this is a brave design by Betsoft so far as features are concerned with the design team deciding to leave our free spins and scatter symbols. Despite the lack of free spins and scatters, the slot seems to plat out regularly enough with the Ogre and Wildflower bonuses continuously topping up wins as well as turning losing spins into a win.

Overall, this is a fun slot to play without a question of doubt.