Feed a baby ghost before you gamble 

Somehow the number thirteen is synonymous to bad luck. Other numbers have also their charm, but are none is as famous/infamous as number thirteen, and this feature is more prominent in western culture. Thirteen and seven are the omens; thirteen is mostly associated with Judas, the man responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The belief is so profound some hotels skip the thirteenth floor or room number. Many visitors do not want to stay in room number thirteen, so the fault is not one-sided. Likewise, in the world of gambling, this number is consciously avoided by many wagers, particularly when it comes to roulette. Thirteen is considered the evilest number in the western world, but in other regions, it is regarded auspicious.

Number seven is considered to be a symbol of abundance

On the other hand, the number seven is considered to be a symbol of abundance and prosperity. This number enjoys a special connotation in digital wagering, specifically in the slot and in some versions of blackjack. There are assortments of gambling superstitions that impact the psychology of gamblers; one such is lending money. Playing in a polished table, whistling while gambling, revolving in the chair while staking, patting the co- gambler`s shoulder is considered inauspicious. Here goes a list of lesser known gambling superstitions:

Do not pronounce shi in a Japanese casino

Many American gamblers do not want a payout in a fifty-dollar denomination. The gamblers think it brings bad luck. In earlier Wild West days, the gangsters used to stuff a fifty dollar note on the pocket of the victim. So the American gamblers call a fifty dollar currency “frogs”. If you think this idea to be weird, feeding a baby ghost is creepier. In China, gamblers feed sugar to baby ghosts before they start gambling for the jackpot. Where to find a baby ghost? The Chinese gamblers assume the sweet little ghost seats just behind you, giving some sugar might bring a blessing of good fortune.

When seven is darling to the world, the Aussies even so not spell “seven” while playing a casino game. If you want to roll the number seven in Australia, do it silently. Apparently pronouncing the word seven while playing craps, fellow gamblers will not take it frivolously; you may have to face their wrath. If you are playing in a Japanese casino, you must know number four is considered devilish; it is like death. Four is believed to be unlucky because it is pronounced “shi”, which sounds like death. But the luckiest charm while playing in an online casino like kiss918 is to use your common sense.