4 Things Winners Do That Losers Don’t (in Poker)

Winners Do That Losers

Rather than muddle through from loser to winner, haphazardly, we think it’s better to emulate what winning poker players do. That makes sense, right? If you copy the traits of successful poker players, you will bridge the gap and increase your chances of becoming one yourself. That’s why in this article we are going to offer four things that winning players are doing differently to losing players. We spoke to a long-term winning poker player in preparation for this article so we are confident if you follow the advice and do your homework, you will have an improved chance of success at the poker table in the future. Let’s get to it…

1) Track, Benchmark and Monitor Performance Regularly

Unlike other forms of gambling where you are at the mercy of the house edge, poker is more maths based. Professionals and regular winners recognise this and understand the value of tracking their results. They want to know what their poker win rate is so they can see if their making a good hourly pay. They also know data is only valuable over time. Therefore, it makes sense to track and monitor their results on a regular basis i.e., monthly or weekly. By doing this, they are on top of their game and can sniff out when they are doing well or poorly and capitalize on it accordingly.

2) Allocating Weekly Study Time 

Texas Hold’em can’t be solved like a Rubik’s cube. It is a game that is continuously evolving and therefore, requires enthusiasts to spend time studying. Ask any winning player if they study and the survey would be unanimous in agreement. A reg will generally spend 1 to 5 hours a week on study. The specific course of study is not important. The key is that they are spending time dedicated to developing their game. They realise they are not perfect and by working on weaknesses they will become an even more formidable opponent.

3) Chatting to Other Winners

A common theme amongst losing players is the reluctance to discuss poker with others. Or rather, seek out better players to chat strategy with. Winning players will surround themselves with people who are competent winners themselves. They don’t waste time moaning about bad beats or bad runs. Instead, they will discuss advanced strategy or the merits of donk-betting in the modern era. We can’t overstate the value of chatting to winning players as a way of honing your game. If you don’t have friends who win, then invest in a poker coach or poker mentor to help you.

4) Continuously Refining Their Patterns & Game Selection

Winning players are not restricted to playing at a certain time or place. They realise that to win at poker, you need to make sacrifices socially. This might mean playing on Sunday evenings when more fishes are about in the Sunday Million. Or, it may mean missing a Spring holiday as an important poker series is starting. The best players are continuously looking at their schedule and the sites they play and analysing whether they are optimizing their time to achieving a good win rate. In contrast, losing players are playing on a whim or the same time and place every week. This is a negative mindset to have as you may be limited in the competitions you enter and the calibre of opponent you face too.

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