What should you know about the green zero in roulette?

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Casino games have remained so well-loved over time because there is such a wide choice to enjoy. Roulette is a classic example and the rich history of roulette also shows why many still love to try it out today. That is not only true in physical casinos but also iGaming sites as well. Indeed, the rapid growth of online casino play in recent years has seen more people than ever give roulette a try. 

With this in mind, you will find the game at any of the best NJ online casino websites. If you want an iGaming platform with excellent customer support and a range of games (including roulette) to enjoy, Resorts Casino is one option worth considering. Before you start spinning the wheel though, you need to know about how it all works. 

One aspect to delve into is the green zero number in roulette – but what is this all about?

What is the green zero slot in roulette?

If you take a look at any roulette wheel, you will notice that there are 36 numbered slots. You may also notice a green zero slot in the wheel – but what is that for? 

Interestingly, this green zero pocket did not exist on the wheel when roulette came into existence. It was first added in the mid-19th century by Lois and Francois Blanc for King Charles III of Monaco. The whole point of it is to give the casino an edge over players and to take roulette away from being a straight 50/50 bet when wagering on even money bets. 

The other interesting thing is that a European wheel has one green zero pocket, but an American one has an additional double zero. This makes the house edge bigger on American roulette and thus makes European the version many players opt for.

Can you bet on the green zero or double zero? 

It is perfectly possible to bet on the green zero (and double zero in American roulette). You simply place your chips on it in the same way as you would bet on a single number. The standard payout for betting on the green zero or double zero is 35 to 1. This is the same as what you are paid if you bet on a single number in roulette. 

If you play American roulette and bet on both the single and double zero, your payout will usually only be 17 to 1.The other thing to know about the green zerois that, should it come up on a spin and you did not back it, your bet will lose.

Green zero slot in roulette worth knowing about 

As with any casino game, you need to know all the intricacies of roulette to get the most from it. This certainly includes knowing how the green zero works and what it is there for. By factoring this into your betting, you will have more chance of coming up with a successful roulette strategy and hone an effective attitude for playing roulette.