What Should You Know About Free Bonus Systems in Online Casino Sites?

The internet gaming market is very large and constantly growing. The number of online casinos and gambling sites is also increasing, making it difficult for players to choose the right site that suits their needs. Over 90% of online gamblers make their choice based on the welcome bonus offered by a particular casino. It’s the main criterion for choosing a gambling site.

There are many casino sites on the internet such as sg online casino platforms that offer players bonus deals, but only a few give them out without any conditions and restrictions, so they can be called “true” welcome bonuses (or no deposit bonuses).

Most casinos will grant their new customers bonuses that require meeting certain wagering requirements before cashing them out, which is why casinos want to know the playing habits of first time players so they can determine whether or not they will cash out successfully.

Does that mean you really need to submit an application and provide proof of identity in order to get a welcome bonus from an online casino?

The answer is no. You don’t have to do any of that, because there are casinos on the Internet that provide their customers with unadvertised bonuses.

What are these “hidden” or “secret” bonuses?

These are bonuses that players are not required to wager or meet any other requirements before cashing out. These bonuses may be granted to a player even if he hasn’t registered an account at the casino from which he received the bonus.

Bonus codes (or bonus links) that can be used by all players, regardless of their personal information.

Welcome bonuses that are not advertised on the website. These bonuses can be found by going to official pages of affiliate programs, where bonuses for each casino are listed. Addresses to these pages can be found on a special page .

On the other hand, secret bonuses may be:

  • Bonuses (or certain conditions) reserved to players from certain countries. Bonus restrictions are often regional and bonuses can be given to players from different countries for playing at certain gambling websites.
  • Bonuses that require a deposit of a specific sum in order to receive the bonus amount stated on the promotional page.
  • Welcome bonus systems with unknown wagering requirements, when you have to complete an unknown number of wagering requirements before obtaining the bonus money.
  • Welcome bonuses reserved for members only, which are not advertised on the website to receive them you need to register an account at a casino (or log if you already have one) and send a ticket with information about your identity (provide documents).

The casino will accept the player’s identity and give him a welcome bonus. Some casinos may offer this type of bonuses as a reward for loyal customers, who have been playing there regularly.

The list above is not complete but rather it might be called an example of secret bonus systems, which can be commonly found on the internet.

Strategies To Find Secret Bonuses And Free Bonus Codes

The best way to find these secret bonuses is to use search engines. Very often you can find what you need in the first 3-4 rows of results. The information contained within may be sometimes lacking or outdated, but still helps when searching for rewards at certain casinos.

In order to find all of this information on the internet, you will need time and patience. You also have to know where to look for it or who can help you with this (it’s better if you are not looking for free money alone). It may be quite difficult because there are many casinos that don’t offer any bonuses and there is no information about them on the Internet.

Secret bonuses are usually provided to players from certain countries. Some sg online casino sites give extra rewards for playing at their casino exclusively, while others provide free money to anyone for depositing at least $ 25 or even more (some of these conditions can be found when you follow bonus links from affiliate programs).

These bonuses are linked directly to the casino’s affiliate program, which means that casinos advertise them on their websites so they can get new players who will play at their site and not somewhere else. In order to attract as many players as possible, these bonus systems are usually well hidden from players (if you don’t forget about free of charge welcome bonuses, which are given to everyone at the registration of an account).

In case when you can not find any information about welcome bonus systems on certain online casino sites, it is worth looking for this information in 2-3 other sources. This should help you to find what you need.


The best way to start searching for some information about online casinos’ free bonus system is Google. Try searching for words like “online casinos with no deposit bonus” or “casino free bonus play”, etc. You will need to find at least 4-5 different sources, you can search on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks for this information. Then, look for links to various online casinos and check if they offer any bonuses.