What legislation governs wagering in turkey

The legal description of “gambling” in Turkey is set out in the Turkish Felonious Law and any act that falls within is banned. In addition, roulette, pinball and niche and other analogous gaming machines are classified as special forms of gambling and are banned under the Law Regarding Roulette, Pinball and Gaming Machines. The Turkish Law of Scores governs the issues of enforceability of gambling and laying debts, and the collection of lottery and games of chance receivables. The Ministry of Finance and the National Lottery Administration (Milli Piyango daresi) regulate lottery tickets, game play of chance, and interactive platforms. The Ministry of Sports and the Sport Toto Association regulate sports betting. The Turkish Jockey Club and the Ministry of Agriculture regulate horse race betting 1xbet Türkiye Giriş.

 In Turkey, certain forms of gambling, although not defined as similar by law, are classified as regulated gaming and lying. These include games of chance (Şans Oyunları) and laying (Müşterek Bahis). Thus, the answers handed in this composition will also cover regulated games of chance, sports lying and steed race laying played for cash.  Games of chance and laying are regulated and operated by Turkish government agencies under separate legal rules

 What’s the legal description of gambling in your governance and what falls within this description?

 General description

  • Gambling (Kumar). The Criminal Code defines gambling as games played for a gain where profit or loss depends on chance.
  • Games of chance (Şans Oyunları). The Regulation on Licensing and Supervising Games of Chance defines games of chance as games played for a cash prize similar as lottery, numeric games and instant- palm games. The law defines three orders of games of chance
  • Lottery (Piyango). This is a game of chance played by numbered truck tickets which represent a chance to win a pre-determined cash prize on a given delineation date.
  • Numeric games (Sayısal Oyunlar). These are games of chance played by guessing at the outgrowth of a draw of certain number of shapes, letters or numbers to win a cash prize.
  • Instant- palm games or sweepstakes (Hemen-Kazan). This is a game of chance played by scratching off tickets to uncover certain number of identical figures, quantities, shapes, designs (or likewise) to win a cash prize.
  • Sports laying (Müşterek Bahis Oyunları). The Sports Betting Regulation defines sports laying a game played by laying on the outgrowth of a original or transnational sports event with the possibility of winning a pre-determined chance of the profit (hasılat) raised as the prize.
  • Horse race laying (Müşterek Bahis). The Steed Race Laying Regulation defines steed race laying as a game of chance and skill played by laying on the outgrowth of any kind of original or transnational race, competition, sports event or certain event or position with the possibility of winning a pre-determined volume, quantum, rate or multiple of the profit (kazanç) raised as the prize.

 Online gambling

  The regulations governing games of chance and laying define the word “online” (sanal ortam) as online platforms used for operating games of chance and laying. The legal description of “online” includes internet, mobile telephone, interactive Television and analogous electronic platforms.