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The guide to playing Sit and Go in online poker

One of the most popular formats for playing online idn poker99 is Sit and Go. The operation of this type of tables is very simple. All players enter the same amount to sit at the table, and they will get the exact same number of chips. From there, Sit and Go poker will begin to play until only one player remains. Depending on the number of players in the poker Sit and Go, the prizes will be distributed among them. This distribution can vary greatly, always depending on the number of players, standards, typology etc.

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Sit and Go poker tournaments and tables: typologies

Broadly, Sit and Go poker tournaments can be differentiated into single table or multi table tournaments. In the first place, we find tournaments with between six and nine players normally, and in the second place, we can see tournaments with up to hundreds of people. In the first, it is easier for you to stay in collection positions or recover if you overcome the dreaded bubble, but the prizes will be more moderate. In multi-table Sit and Go tournaments, it is much more difficult for you to win a prize, but if you do, the prize will be much higher, and you will not need to be that high.

Strategies for playing Sit and Go

Now that you know how it works, we can move on to the fun, strategies and tips to play Sit and Go. Although there is nothing magical or special since it is based on calculating poker odds, playing with bets and winning pots and chips, there are some tips to take advantage of the structure of the game.

Take into account the positions: When deciding which hands to open with, you have to take into account the positions.

Be mindful of timing: Avoid trouble too early. Unless you hook a brutal hand like AA, KK or AK, avoid re-raising or all-in early. If you get a flush or a straight, get value out of them, worse avoid hooking very early in the game to lengthen the Sit and Go in poker .

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Take into account your chips: Your game has to be radically different if you are a big ‘stack’ or if you have few chips left. In the first case, use your ‘stack’ to pressure opponents, and in the second take advantage of this in a good hand to take advantage of it.

Contact: Here all Judi domino players will have a similar number of chips. At most, someone will stand out a little and someone will lose something. Here we seek to play for value, or with very good hands that provide us with great security.

Intermediate phase: There will be some eliminated and some players with a great ‘stack’. Here having the starting chips will already be considered a small ‘stack’. If you have few chips, you will have to move to match the big stacks, selecting your hands very well but playing them aggressively.

Decisive phase: Here the Sit and Go in poker already gets serious. Prizes are already decided, both to enter the bubble and to win at all. Here we see two types of players: wolves and lambs.

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