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Dictionary: meaning of the crucial terms used in the slot machines

The online agen idn play slot game is getting better with interactive and themed versions and a lot of technology. Get inside the expressions of the slot machine game to get used to the meanings of the words and expand the results of your bets.

agen idn play

Bet: An amount deposited in the game in order to obtain a result. It refers to the total amount of money that a player bets at a specific time.

Bonus Features

It is a type of slot machine that includes bonuses to improve game play, giving the player the opportunity to win money and extra rounds. Bonus features can be wild symbols, scatter, free spins and extra game bonuses.

Slot Machine Jackpot

Slot machine offers a huge prize, reaching a certain winning bet line. This is a separate prize from the other winning features. Currently, online slot machines can include hundreds or more of winning combinations.

Classic Slot

It is another way of referring to 3-reel slot machines, due to the fact that the first machines were made with three barrels.

Five Reel Slot

This machine offers two more wheels than the three existing ones, with more pralines, thus increasing the chances of a player betting and winning.

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Free Spins

It refers to the free spins given to players to play extra games for free. Many online casinos give 15 to 20 free spins in one round.

Hit and Run

This term refers to players who bet on a single pay line on the maximum credit for a few rounds and switch machines if there are no more credit payments.

High Volatility

The higher the volatility of a slot machine, the less payment it offers. Payments for high-volatility machines are higher than for low-volatility machines.

Hold Percentage

This term refers to the percentage of money that the casino retains when a player bets his money. For example, a 99% slot machine will retain 1 dollar and return 99 dollars to the player.


This is where money is stored inside a physical machine. When it overflows, the surplus money falls into a bucket. This extra money is the profit that the casino receives. Hoppers are emptied in the morning, before customers arrive at the casino.

Max Bet

It refers to the largest amount of coins that a player can bet in any given round. Players can bet either a maximum amount of coins on one line, or bet on multiple pay lines. When it comes to a classic sbobet online slot, the maximum bet is usually three coins.

Pay line

It refers to the lines that cross the online slot machine screens. The amount a player is able to win depends on a specific pattern. The pay lines are activated only when the player bets on them, before making the move.


These are the images that appear on the reels of the slot machines, which players must try to connect between the pay lines to win in the game. The symbols found can be fruits, numbers, letters, bars and more. However, they vary based on the type of machine being played.

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