Online Blackjack Leads to Gambling Success

Professional gamblers are finding it easier to play and win at online casinos than when playing blackjack at traditional blackjack tables in land-based casinos.

Virtually all online live casinos support virtual blackjack games and often provide better payouts than gamblers will find at land-based casinos. In most land-based casinos, a blackjack will pay either 1:1 or 1.5:1. That’s a pretty low payout for the best possible hand.

Yet, at an online casino, that payout often is 2:1, and sometimes higher. Not only does the player get an automatic win, but he or she also gets a 200 per cent profit off the win. That triples your money, rather than simply doubling it.

With a better payout for blackjack wins, the house advantage at online blackjack games is a bit lower than at land-based casinos. Players also don’t have to worry about having their hands ruined by amateur players who take cards when they should pass.

At a traditional blackjack table at a land-based casino, the cards are shuffled and then sit in the deck until dawn. If someone takes a card ahead of you, that card could have been yours, had the prior player simply passed.

With online blackjack, though, a random number generator determines which card is turned up at any given moment. That makes it purely random, and every card has an equal chance of being drawn at any given moment.

With a shuffled deck, though, the cards lay in wait until drawn, and there really is no randomness to the deal. Only uncertainty.

The purely random nature of the deal in online blackjack helps to make the game more level for all players and makes it nearly impossible for one player to thwart another via bad play.

Unless playing with a single deck, the virtual blackjack game and its random number generator make it impossible for a player to take a card another would need. Instead, each card has an equal chance of being drawn at any time, because there is no physical deck with cards laying in a particular order after the shuffle.

So long as there is more than one deck used, there are at least two or more of every card in the deck, and equal chances of each being drawn.

With a single deck, though, once a card has played, it will not appear again, of course. That makes it possible for card counters to continue playing at online casinos, but only with single-deck games.

With lower house odds, better payouts and lower risk of bad plays by others, online blackjack has proven to be a very successful alternative to traditional casino games.