How to Find Top Winning Online Casinos In NZ

Casinos attract new players with their winning real money potential. However, you can’t always win on casino games. Sometimes, you will lose too. And the outcome of your session highly depends on the online casino site which you’ve chosen to play at. There are NZ casinos that impress you with the big wins and prizes, though in fact these casinos have a huge house edge percentage. And alternatively, casinos can be high paying but less attractive. It depends, though. To play at a top winning casino, you need to research each casino and its house edge.

But let’s be honest. The research takes much time which you’d rather spent on games. That’s why there are many informative sites that do research on NZ online casinos and later present the information to the readers. As for the top winning online casinos, you can click here to read the results of research made by, an informative site for New Zealand players.

Tips to Find Top Winning Online Casinos

Still, if you feel the need to do everything on your own, here’s how to find the top winning casinos which serve in New Zealand. If you want to play and win big, you should look for all these aspects at a particular casino site. It’s worth mentioning that to receive really big payouts, you need to play at these casinos for a long time period. In most cases, players become winners over time. And those players who become instant millionaires are lucky individuals.

Casino’s House Edge and Games RTP

House edge is a percentage of wagered money which goes to the casino budget. When you play games, you bet your money. And the percentage of each wager goes to casino. The rest percentage is what you can get back. It’s easier explained with the example.

Let’s suppose you play a video slot with a return to player (RTP) of 96.12%. This percentage of your money is what you win back. And the rest 3.88% go to the house.

However, this house edge percentage is individual for each game. You can’t find a definite percentage of players’ money which goes to a casino. But you can find an average payout of a casino, which is an average RTP of all games in the casino portfolio.

Some NZ online casinos post their average payout on the site (somewhere at the bottom in a sorry place). If you find a link to “Payout Percentage” and follow it, you will also see a document which comprises all the available games and their RTPs. There, you can find the highest paying game with the RTP of over 99%.

High-Paying Casino Games

The games with an RTP close to 100% are considered giving higher chances to win. But it isn’t about winning, in fact. The high RTP only tells you how much you can win back in the long run. For example, if you play one and the same game every time, eventually you will get your money back. And even more than all your wagers put together.

Now that you know how to find a high-paying game, you may have a question: what if I can’t find a payout percentage on a casino site? It’s a frequently asked question. Sometimes, casinos don’t post their average payout of games. But don’t worry, you don’t have to search for each game RTP manually. You need to understand what types of games pay back more than the others.

Slot machines payout

So, let’s figure it out once for all. Online slots are not the best choice if you want to win every time you open online casino. The biggest disadvantage of most slots is a low payout. Their average RTP is 95%. It sounds good, but only until you see the RTP of blackjack, for example. Though, slots’ payout can be higher up to 99%. But these slots are very rare.

More to this, payout of progressive jackpot games are even less than that of regular slots. Usually, their payout is about 88%. But this is because jackpot games can pay way more than usual games. If you hit a jackpot, RTP will not mean a thing for you anymore.

Table games payout

As a rule, table games are the most profitable. Their payout often ranges from 97% to 99% and more. It’s not difficult at all to find a blackjack game with an RTP over 99%, as well as roulette and baccarat games. In fact, you can just open any table game and you already know the payout is high. However, it’s always a good practice to check the game rules and RTP percentage.

Live games payout

Payout of live games is pretty much the same as that of table games. It’s often over 98%, and only 2% goes to the house. However, there is a slight difference between these two categories of games. Both of them are powered by random number generator. But in table games, the results are mechanical whereas in live games they are manual. In live casino, live dealers give out cards and spin roulette wheels. This factor can influence results.

Do Payment Methods Matter?

Knowing house edge and games’ payout, you can already pretend for a big win. But let’s discuss one more thing that is closely connected to winnings — payment methods. If you think banking options don’t matter, you are dead wrong. To tell the truth, the number and variety of withdrawal methods indicate the ability of casinos to pay out. They accept deposited money, for sure. And the number of deposit methods is much bigger than the withdrawal ones.

Mind that payment services check online casinos for legality and reliability before they confirm to transfer money from online casinos to players, and vice versa. Therefore, if a casino can offer many banking methods to transfer winnings to a player, it proves its ability to pay. When there is payout, there are big wins either.

Final Thoughts

If you are trying to find a top winning online casino, you will probably waste a long time doing this. Though, in reality, winnings do not depend on online casinos that much as on games. Since the games can reward you with money, you should search for the right games that have high payouts. And if these games are not of your taste, you have two options: either learn to play them or play low RTP games.