Genshin Impact and Its Attractive Sides that Make People Love to Play the Game

Many games are available nowadays. There are different genres of games, and RPG is one of the popular ones. RPG with the open world brings adventure so the game has storyline and it is going to be boring. There are missions and quests that should be completed to raise the level and even open new maps or new area in the game. Currently, Genshin Impact is one of the most popular RPG games that gamers love to play. This is mobile game but it is available for PC. This game is attractive and there are many people who love playing the game.

One of the reasons is about its characters. The games have many interesting characters. Characters are women and they have attractive look with different skills and elements. In the game, the elements are called as visions and each character will show different types of skills depending on the visions. For players or gamers of Genshin Impact, seeing the character becomes one of the interesting parts. It cannot be denied the game developer really pay attention to the aspect of appearance and even the developer gives great details for its appearance. Costume, weapons, and animations make the characters have different attractions for those who play the Genshin Impact. Thus, it is not strange that even there are many cosplayers who make the costume based on the character in the game and they make many photos. Characters and their appearance becomes one of the important elements that cannot be denied making the game very popular.

As for the characters, each of them is unique. Some popular names of the characters are Eula, Mona, Rosaria, Lisa, Jean, and Amber. Related to the character, even there is genshin quiz  and people can complete the quiz to see character that represent the person.  In the game, the characters can be unlocked and it requires certain height of level. As for the storyline of the RPG game of Genshin Impact, it is about a character that looks for the lost sibling. Both of them are twin, and the player will play as Traveller. The adventure takes place in the World of Teyvat. The search will lead to various challenges and missions. There are monsters and enemies that should be fought by the character to complete the missions and quests. These are also means to increase the level. With higher level, there will be more power owned by the characters and there are more skills that can be unlocked.

It is not easy game. In addition to the characters’ look and storyline, the game-play of the game itself is challenging. It is not as simple as beating the monster and enemies by overpowering them with the power. It is important to find perfect combination of weapon, talent level, visions or elements, and party composition. These are like arranging the best strategies and each enemy can require different approach. Thus, the game can become really interesting and many people still love to play the game until now. There are also drops to gain weapons. As for how to upgrade weapons, drops are one of the methods, but players can join the gacha pulls.