5 Tips to Win in a Horse Race

            The betting industry has grown so much over the years in all parts of the world. The game operators have not only provided the gambling community with classic betting games but also have penetrated the sports arena by providing e-sports betting which excites both bettors and sports enthusiasts. One of these e-sports is horse racing in which the bets are made live. So, if you are new to the game, you need to know the following basic knowledge before you go and bet in a race to ensure a win.

Basic Information on Horse Racing

            Following the popularity of lotteries, scratch tickets, and electronic gaming machines (EGMs) as betting games, horse racing ranks fourth. In 2015, the statistics show that nearly one million Australians (975,000) have gambled on horse and dog races of which 5.6% of them are adults with a monthly average expenditure of $179 which could amount to $2,146 annually. Looking at the demographics of these gamblers, 14% of them are regulars which comprise mostly of males of ages 30-64 years old–and that is 66% of the total population of regular male gamblers. 44% of these bettors come from the middle class while 35% are below average earners. About 41% of these adult race bettors had a diploma or certificate while the 17% had a university degree. Interestingly, the greater proportion of the bettors live in the outer regional area whereas the smaller proportion lives in major cities. The popularity of this sport among the rural settlers is understandable since most of the horse farms are found outside the city proper. For these reasons, the betting expenditure is quite high in Australia since the bettors are well-off.

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5 Tips on Winning the Horse Race

            As a novice or a long-term player in e-sports who are looking for tips to enhance your betting skills, the only way to increase your chance of winning a horse race bet is to find the best odds by planning your stake smartly through doing thorough research. Below are some of the variables a bettor must take into consideration before betting.

  1. Get to know the horse trainer because the quality of the horse depends on the caretaker.
  2. Identify the jockey and he must be a professional one with a winning record.
  3. Research on the horses’ racing history concerning the time covered in a certain distance particularly the winning history.
  4. Do a background check on the runners of the race.

Check the weather and horse track for these affect the horse’s performance.